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Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Flys and so are we

Royal Caribbean - San Juan, Puerto Rico
     Time to pack the bags and fly/sail into the sunset.  Tomorrow we join 150 new friends travelling to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a new journey for us, so to speak.  Though we have cruised many times, we have never cruised on Royal Caribbean.  Sunday we board the Serenade of the Seas for an adventure to the southern Caribbean, visiting 2 ports we have not been to before, St. Kitts and Curacao.  We have never been in a Jr. Suite.  We also have never flown on Jet Blue, which will be the carrier taking us to San Juan, so we will have lots to report on when we get back.

     It is amazing to me that I have left some out in this blog for almost a month and a half.  Life has a way of distracting us or making us think that other things are more important..Family...Church...Family.  You know?  Little things  (hmmmph)  I have, though, found a way to reinforce a strong belief of mine in the last 6 weeks; Travelling as a family is one way to insure the kids always remember the fun you had as a family, in spite of the spats in the kitchen.  So we are in the planning stages to take the family on a week getaway to San Diego, have fun at the beach, snorkel, and visit the sites we have not been to since our second child was only 6 months old (That's more than 20 years).  If you were to go (or have gone recently) to San Diego, what were your favorite memories?  What do you wish you had seen or done but missed out?

     Now, back to the cruise.  We set sail in the sunset Sunday evening at 8:30.  Monday morning we find ourselves in St. Thomas.  Last time we were here, we snorkeled at Coki Beach and explored Coral World.  This time, I want to explore and photo shoot Charlotte Amalie and take the tram to the top of the mountain overlooking the bay.  I am going to takes lots and lots of pictures.  Hope the computer can handle it.

     Tuesday, St. Kitts.  Here we have talked about taking a tour of an old fort and the city with some of our new friends.  But on this island, if you have the time and physical stamina, climbing the volcano through the rain forest is popular.  Of course, in every location, there are beaches.

     Thursday is Aruba, which will be our 3rd time here.  The snorkeling and scuba diving in the formerly known "ABC Islands" is amazing.  Clear and incredibly blue waters, reefs, drop offs, sunken ships.  Makes you quiver with excitement.  Dry desert climate with cacti like you find in Phoenix.

     Last stop is Curacao.  The former dutch colony, now independent, is alive with colors and the only place in the world with a pontoon bridge that swings open to let ships like ours pass by.  Here again, we plan to explore Willemstad, though I would not mind hitting one the the awesome beaches.  Here, it is all about the water, what ever you like to do.

     When you want to get away from everything, join us on a cruise some time.  We would love to share this amazing experience with you.

Desert and Beach - Aruba
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