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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time ... At Least It Should be

Christmas is fast approaching, and I am drawn ponder and be thankful for the things in life that are most important.
  • Family - Those closest around you that love you unconditionally. Who care deeply enough to let you make the hard decisions.  Who stick with you through the hard times and try to help you through the the tears and pain. Who are first in line to laugh and cheer you on in your triumphs. Those who you can receive the most hugs from because they are so near.
  • Friends - The ones, though you may not see them or talk every day, will drop everything to come to your rescue. Who are just a call or text away, and will listen with an objective ear and give sound advise. Those that are willing to serve and be served. Who will let you return the shoulder to cry on, or the arm to lift and strengthen. Who say "Thank You", OR, "Because I love you."
  • Faith - Believing in that, which cannot be seen, yet you feel it is true. Seeking for a higher power to draw strength from.  Receiving a calm assurance and warm feeling that what you believe is real and that you are never truly alone, no matter what your circumstances are.
This is the time of the year, which often we wish would last all year, that we can forget ourselves, and lift another.  And if you think about it, and it really doesn't take much brain power, you can think of many who you can serve.  Service doesn't take any money.  It only takes a willing heart.  What could you do for those around you that you see each day?  I'll share my thoughts on what I believe to be the most important, for those of you who have this opportunity.

Your Spouse - This Should really be easy.
  • Turn off the T.V., the Video Game, your iPhone, Android, or favorite book.... and listen. Really do it. Give your full attention!  Have a 2-way conversation.  I have to remind myself on this very often.  I am no marriage counselor, as Barbi would attest to, and I never claim to be perfect, but in my heart, I know what I should do.  I guess I should listen most often to my heart. My friend Laura, who I met on a couple's cruise in 2007, who is a Relationship Consultant, would be pleased to see me say this. There is no better reward in life than serving your spouse.
  • Have a date night...Regularly. Your best friend should share your best times. Date nights don't have to cost a lot of money. But you should devote your whole attention to that person while you are on your date...every time.  I need to learn from this statement more as well.  Too often, my smart phone will alert and I'll pull it out and read a work email, or a Twitter feed, or John Heald's Latest Blog.  Though I enjoy reading John's blogs, I can certainly wait until I am alone, in the bathroom, or sliding down the water slides on the Carnival Magic.
  • Take a trip together.  Now this one I believe I have accomplished well since meeting Laura on that Valentine's cruise 2007, aboard the Grand Princess to the Western Caribbean.  Barbi and I have discovered a whole new meaning of reconnecting and enjoying the beauty of the world, TOGETHER.  It has now become at least an annual event.  It has not always been aboard The Love Boat, but it has always been together.
We have even incorporated family, friends, and faith in these events, due the multiple days that cruising gives us.  On each cruise, we make new friends, some who we stay in contact with on Facebook or by having dinner with. These contacts expand our world and give us opportunity to explore other places we have never seen. Australia, Mexico.....Kentucky! How awesome is that?  When we sailed through the Panama Canal last year, we took the time to participate in Jewish Sabbath Services.  We are not Jewish, but we really enjoyed sharing in the faith of these individuals and experiencing something new and uplifting.  We shared a cruise with our son to the Southern Caribbean, which was a wonderful experience.  Though we did not hang out with our 21 year old, the times together were experiences we will never forget.  Our next cruise, on the Carnival Splendor, we will be taking more of our family with us.  Our younger children who have never had a cruise vacation.  They are so excited and I look forward to seeing their eyes light up when we get on board.

So this most "Wonderful time of the year" really should last all year long. Laugh each day, like you are Karaoke singing.  Laughter makes all the troubles of the world disappear. Search Endorphins on the internet!  Love more deeply!  Picture yourself dancing under the stars on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. Where no one else is around.  Take lots of pictures.  I don't know about you, but my memory doesn't remember everything, but pictures help me to remember.

Travel Well,

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