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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hurricane Rina News

NEWS ALERT - Hurricane Rina is churning through the Western Caribbean, headed straight for Cancun and Cozumel.  Currently a Category 2 storm, it is expected to strengthen before making landfall tomorrow night at Cozumel.
[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

     Start making alternate plans if you are headed to the region.  This is where travel insurance really comes in handy.  When shopping for travel insurance, understand all your options and what coverages are available.  Your travel agent can be a very valuable resource here.  Let them teach you.

     Some may think travel insurance to be expensive, but when it comes to the loss of your travel investment dollars, it is really cheap.  Just the cost of making airline changes could pay for the coverage all by itself.  Here at Focus On Fun Travel, we want you to have a memorable vacation in a good way.  Not one that you look back and say...What a nightmare!

     To stay informed, take a look at all the usual weather sources, including

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