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Monday, August 8, 2011

There's a vacation just around every corner

     I find myself daydreaming each day about what my next vacation will be.  Cruise, Disneyland, Seaworld, San Francisco, Yellowstone.  Interesting how these are all on the western side of the U.S..  I guess I always think close to where I live....cruising being the exception...sometimes.  I have lamented before about hating to fly.  The airlines know that people will still fly to get across the country, so their attitude is, they'll pay to get there.  They'll deal with it and we'll get more money.  Well, this is America, so I know that the American dream is all about being successful.  I also know that competition spurs reform and innovation, which benefits the consumer more than the company vieing (Did I spell that right?) for market share.  I have not said it in a while, so I'll restate my challenge to those looking to have the American dream.  Come up with a new way to get people from one side of the country to the other, either in a timely fashion, or in a slower way, providing comfort and value for their money.

     Cruising is an awesome way to travel across oceans, if you have the time.  Other than Amtrak, which has limited routes, there really is not another viable alternative to traveling comfortably on land.  The long haul bus system is too cramped.  I have often found myself wondering if it would be possible to have a cruise ship size vehicle, traveling down I10 from Long Beach to Jacksonville, Fl, at 25 miles per hour, Non-stop, it would only take a little more than 4 days. With Port stops in Phoenix, El Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Pensacola, you could stretch it into 8 days. All along the way, enjoying comfortable sleeping cabins, all you can eat meals, room service, and entertainment.  How would it be powered you ask?  Wind power...sails you know.  If there is no 'bout solar?  Combination of both?  Dream it and it'll happen.

     We really need a high speed rail system in this country.  Unfortunately, our American government has spent the cost of building it on other frivolous things, so I guess we'll just have to wait until someone comes along to finance it privately.  Then those who need to get from here to yonder there can do it in 10 hours non-stop from San Francisco to New York City.  10 hours...hmm, that's at least how long it takes me to get from Salt Lake City to Miami Fl, with 2 or 3 plane changes.  What a lavatory full of waste!  I used to be able to fly from Phoenix to Atlanta in 4 hours. That's darn near impossible these days.  So I say, if it takes me 10 hours, I would rather do it in style for a few days, with lots of leg room, WiFi, Walking around communicating with people, playing blackjack, having a drink by the pool, soaking up the sun!

     That was some serious digression!  Sorry!  Vacations are so vitally important to health these days, it is right there with the full nutrition of the Moringa Oliefera tree in Zija.  Healthy body, Healthy mind.  These things come with relaxation, good food, good sleep, and socialization with our fellow human beings.  Some sun doesn't hurt, though my eyes are sensitive.  So literally, there are vacation opportunities everywhere you look.  I am finishing scuba certification this week.  Now I cannot stop thinking about exploring the underwater world with Scuba.  How about a submarine cruise?  How cool would that be?   Cruise to 6,000 feet down to see the daytime activities of the six gill shark off the coast of Seattle. Do a transpolar cruise under the north pole, under the ice, and come up to see polar bears hunting for seals.  Cruise by and see the remains of the Titanic!  I am raising my hand with developing this!!!  ohh, ohh, pick me!  Pick Me!  Let's explore more of our world before heading off to the moon again..or Mars.

We Are Here For You.

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