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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seattle - The Arrival

     We always recommend that those departing on a cruise, should arrive in your port city early.  For us, and departing on July 8th (The 4th being a Wednesday), and also having family that lives in the Seattle area, it was a great excuse to come in 5 days early!  I was most excited to get away from the state of Utah being on fire...Literally!  We have not had rain for more than 38 days, and the average temperature has been somewhere around "Welcome to Hell". With consistent south winds, and people who do not even listen or watch the news for 5 seconds each day, the fires burning in Utah continue to be mostly human caused. How sad is that?  But I slightly digress!

     As I said, I am excited to get away from the fires, the heat, the lack of rain, and the lack of green, to head somewhere where green abounds. The reason for that green is of course...RAIN!  Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey. Whiskey makes my baby, just a little frisky".  We arrived at SeaTac airport at 11am, with lots of clouds and the temperature right around 60 degrees! AHHH!  I love walking down the concourse with different fish imprinted in the floor. Salmon is most noticeable.  I have to say, being in the pacific northwest, I am really pumped about consuming a lot of fish.  My cousin picked us up in her truck (there are 5 of us), and getting out of the airport was a breeze.  We quickly moved to I5 and headed south to where my cousin lives.

     Similar feeling of visiting the Washington D.C. Area came to me, because of the tall trees and vines growing everywhere.  I feel like breathing deeply when ever I visit here..and I do!  Heading through the Tacoma area, my cousin told us about the Brown-Haley Almond Roca Outlet Store here.  WHAT?  Oh my, we have to visit.  People are excited about the 4th of July tomorrow, and fireworks are going off sporadically around us here in Olympia.  Unlike Utah, fireworks are not banned here because of the threat of a wild fire.  Tall old growth forests, ferns that seem like they are still growing from the Jurassic period, Moss growing on roofs.  I love it here!

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