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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Planning your Alaska Cruise

     We are in the waning hours of preparation for boarding the Star Princess heading to Alaska on a 7 day voyage.  Many of our friends are asking questions like, "can I use my WiFi Hotspot?" or "Is WiFi available on the ship" or "How much does it cost to make a phone call?"

     Getting on a cruise ship allows you to leave your cares behind or stay in control of all your business.  Technology has grown so fast that we don't have to be completely out of contact when sailing on the high seas.  It is important for you to discover the details of your two sources of communication. Your wireless provider and your cruise ship.

     Princess cruises, who we are sailing on to Alaska on Sunday, has done a good job of having WiFi available in almost all the guest staterooms and public areas.  But WiFi is not free.  All cruise lines charge to have access to their WiFi network, so contemplate how many minutes of connection time you might need, and purchase it when you get on board. Then have fun surfing away, though don't expect fast throughput speeds.  It is satellite based, ya know!

     All the cruise lines have agreements with the major cell phone carriers, which allow you to make phone calls on your cell phone and receive emails on your smart phone device.  But, again, the carriers usually charge international rates when on the cruise ship.  The same goes with sending and receiving emails or browsing the Internet on your smart phone or tablet (Including the HotSpot), except that deals with "Data".  Talk to your wireless carrier on international data roaming.  We don't want you to be surprised with a several hundred dollar bill when you get home, because your smart phone works on the ship.  The ship may not block you and your carrier may not warn you.

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  1. I think that going on a cruise trip would be a great way to detach ourselves from the internet since we all seem to be connected to the internet most of the time these days. We could always post our pictures and experiences afterwards. As for me, I would use that luxury for emergency purposes only.

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