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Friday, September 13, 2013

To Be All Inclusive or Gourmet Inclusive

     We have taken a step off the cruise ship and onto the beach by visiting Azul Sensatori Mexico, in the Riviera Maya.  As a result, we have discovered there is a difference in the All Inclusive Resorts and what Karisma Hotels calls, Gourmet Inclusive.  This resort caters to adults, couples, groups, and families (I am big on that), with lavish amenities and services that foster togetherness.  Unique amenities offered include 24 hour room service, Beach Butlers, King Size Beach Beds, Private Swim up Suites, full service concierge, and gourmet cuisine served a la carte.

     Arriving in Cancun, which we have never flown into before, was yet another learning experience, which we always want to share with you.  Our package included transportation from the airport to the resort through Lomas Travel.  This organization is easily picked out since they wear teal shirts and white ties.  What I did not realize is that they were outside the terminal.  Before getting there, we were accosted by vendors trying to sell us Transportation, excursions, and day trips, saying, "Yes, we know Lomas, and we work with them. Go see Manuel over there".  When we finally figured out what was going on, 15 minutes later, and got ourselves outside, we found our Lomas team happily waiting for us.  They had our names, loaded us up in a Lincoln Navigator equipped with WiFi, and headed down the road.  So lesson is, if you fly into Cancun and we have already scheduled your transportation, nicely pass all those people by and head OUT the quick as you can!!!!  I would highly suggest you reserve the transportation before hand anyhow.  Peace of Mind, ya know.

     Being September, and having the beginnings of a tropical depression on the otherside of the Yucatan, have made it a very rainy time.  So much rain has come down, as we were travelling down the road to the resort, it became a lake. Like a 2 mile long Lake.  I jokingly told our driver, "I guess this makes walking to the resort difficult?"  He responded, "Oh yes. And there are alligators out there too."  Needless to say, I did not jump out.  It seems very remote getting to the resort, but here along the Riviera Maya, there are resorts as far as you can see.  The weather is warm and it is very humid.  Just know, it's the way it is here. Always be prepared for rain.  I think it's funny.  All these people hanging out by the pool.  It starts to rain, and they get up and run inside.  I walked around int he rain yesterday and found it to be warmer than the pool water and actually quite nice to be in.  The ocean is also warm, which makes getting in really fun.  Not JAcuzzi warm mind you, but halfway in between San Diego and St Petersburg, FL in the height of summer.  NICE!

     I could get very used to this.  I love exploring different country's with the cruise option. But when it's time to just relax, I am definitely doing the Gourmet Inclusive. The Molcajete we had at Zocalo last night was out of this world.  Truely a myan inspired gourmet dish.  Lunch on the beach today included Paella, which was the best I have ever had.  Tonight, we are going to the Italian Restaurant, Siena.  These types of specialty restaurants would cost you an additional $15 - $25 per person on a cruise ship.  Here!  It's included. 
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