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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buzzing About Family Vacations

     I was reminded today from a friend that time together as a family is what everyone remembers throughout their lives.  Think about the gifts you have received for your birthday, Christmas, Bar Mitzvah, Kwaanza.  Now, compare that with the family vacations that stick out in your mind.  What makes you smile the most?  What is your favorite memory?

Pier 39 San Francisco
     At dinner tonight, I quizzed 2 of my kids about Christmas, then asked about our trip to Northern California last year.  Though amazing to me that they remembered Christmas, they had more enthusiasm and more to say about the trip..Alcatraz, The Giant Redwoods, The Condo, the Pool.  I know you are having your own mental pictures right now. 

     Every year, we attend a festival in a small town in Utah, and the kids always look forward to going as a family.  Even though thee is not a whole host of things to do, I believe it is simply going and being together.  My 9 year old told me tonight that our cruise to Mexico was the funnest trip so far.

Washington Coast

Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound Wa

Fish Lake Utah

Bryce Canyon Utah

Puerto Vallarta Mexico
      So here is a challenge.  Start making memories with your loved ones.  Small overnighters to longer vacations.  In the region around you to overseas.  Challenge everyone involved, to be involved and contribute.  You'll teach your kids many things and share the wonders of the world.

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