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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excitement for Cruising comes in Waves

     Anyone who knows me, know that I am passionate about cruising.  But nothing flames my passion more, for this excellent way to travel, than announcements of new ships.  Today, Princess Cruises announced the beginning of construction for their "Next Generation" ship, which will be appropriately named Royal Princess.

     Many got very excited anticipating the first sailing of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, which, because of its size, has had many nicknames applied to it.  It is a beautiful ship, but moving from a 3,600 passenger vessel to over 5,000 can create some logistical challenges.  RCCL continues to improve and make this and Allure of the Seas destinations unto themselves.  But this new Royal Princess, with it's beautiful sleek lines and amazing innovations will improve upon what the Love Boat has always succeeded in delivering, an incredible and romantic escape.

     Take a look at the information on the Royal Princess link above and see pictures on Flikr.  Also see the sneek peak video on  One of the innovations that excites me more than a zipline is the Sky Walk. A glass floored walkway suspended over the ocean from the top deck.  Movies under the Stars will have an even bigger screen.  In fact, a lot of things will be bigger...The Sanctuary, The Piazza, The fresh water pools.  Excited yet?

     I have always wanted to be part of a maiden voyage.  I believe this one will be it!  May 2013.  Since construction is in Italy, I would guess we will see a maiden voyage in Europe.  Who wants to go?  Let us know.  Follow us on Facebook and we'll include you in the invite.

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