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Sunday, January 30, 2011

20 Days and Counting

Carnival Splendor Dry Dock San Francisco - Photo By Alan Grinberg
      Since I have seen very little news on the current status of the Carnival Splendor, which we sail on with 30 of our favorite friends, Feb 20, I thought I would do some digging tonight.  With the help of my trusty and very beautiful companion, Barbi, we found some video from one of the news stations in San Francisco giving a quick update.  there are some really great pictures out there of the ship in Dry Dock at Pier 70.  Carnival Support on Twitter @CCLSupport also confirms that repairs are on schedule.  This is all very good news.  You will all know from my previous BLOG that I am in deperate need of R&R, and this is the place to do it.

     For those of you who are sailing with us, call us if you need any assistance in printing boarding passes and luggage tags.  We were recently asked what to bring.  Well, I expect 75 degrees and lots of sun.  So, to quote my good friend Steve G.  7 Speedos and a pair of flip flops sounds perfect and takes no space at all.  For formal night, I'll put on a tie and jacket over the speedo.  To be serious, dress lightly, but have something warm for the evening when you are outside on deck or in port.  For a formal night in the dining room, bring along a tie and dress pants. You don't have to wear a jacket, but it is recommended.  Women, you always look amazing in a dress, but a nice pant suit will be just fine.

     We will have a great time, so come prepared to have loads of fun!

We Are Here For You.


  1. The photo of the Splendor is mine, and I would appreciate attribution.

    The photo is copyrighted with all rights reserved. You can use it on your blog but you must add my name and a link to the original posting on Flickr.

    Thank you,
    Alan Grinberg

  2. Alan, thanks for the correction. The photo is awesome and I appreciate you allowing me to show it here.