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Friday, January 28, 2011

Life and it's Challenges ... BUT

     I have a good friend who is religious on her blog updates, and I am daily reminded how challenged my life can be to dedicate the time needed to keep up this project.  Between Facebook, 2 twitter accounts, a full time job that needs constant attention, 4 children and a loving companion to give my time to, another blog, friends, and puppies, I find myself everyday saying.."I Need A Vacation!"  It is a good thing I have a smart phone (ANDROID) to help me keep on top of things as best as I can.

     Secrecy can be an obnoxious thing too, as you try to keep ahead of the game, like....texting and driving!  Well, what about emailing and driving, or youtubing and driving, then there's blogging and driving.  Oh crap!  screeech!  I know it is a matter of time before my eclesiastical leader will be bringing me into his office and talking hell fire and damnation for commenting on John Healds Blog during church.  Or talking about travel opportunities in Sunday School.  What is a man supposed to do?  I am not superman who can fly around the world fast to slow down time.

     We all have options, right?  Lorazapam! Prozac! The state mental hospital and a straight jacket!  I personally am anxiously waiting a cruise with the whole family Feb 20, even though some cruise lines have stopped (temporarily) calling on Mazatlan.  I don't care if I spend the whole time on the ship and say that I saw and smelled Mexico air.  All I need is to get away and not think of anything except...What's at the buffet, who's entertaining us tonight, why is Curt fishing off of deck 7 when we are crusing at 20 knots...Nathan!  Get off the railing!  Yep, it's much more relaxing to me than other things in life right now.

     So if you come to my house and find me in the fetal position with puppies licking my ears, don't worry.  The Lorazapam has not yet kicked in!

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