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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Cruising?

   Since Barbi and I started our travel business, we have been immersed in understanding the many different travel options that are available.  We felt it important to specialize, like a neurosurgeon would do, to make ourselves valuable to everyone in general, and specifically, those who would benefit from our specialty.  Since we have dabbled in Photography, we could venture into photo safari's around the world.  How cool would that be? African Lions, Polar Bears, Galapagos Iguanas, Puffins, Anacondas!!!  Barbi has also been involved in weddings, so we could have thrown ourselves into destination weddings.  Imagine a beach wedding, taking wedding pictures in front of the Roman Collesium, or a honeymoon night in an Ice Hotel in Sweden.  Ultimately, since Barbi and I have lived a life of looking for the best deal and bargain hunting, we found our true love in Cruising.

     Cruise ships offer the best value for your travel dollar.  And with the many cruise ship companies available to choose from, you the traveller has many options to choose from.  Here are some of the best reasons to take a cruise from Barbi's and my experience.
  • Unpack Once - When you board a cruise ship, you have reached your vacation resort.  You are going to spend 3 days to 120 days here.  Your home away from home.  You will be transported to many exotic destinations, yet you won't have to change hotels.  You won't have to go through airport security 6 times.  No daily full body scans.  Go ahead and hang up your clothes, fill up the drawers, stock the bathroom with whatever you want.  It's all yours.
  • All Inclusive Vacation Resort - You will find it hard to want for anything here. 
    • As soon as you find your stateroom and freshen up, head up to the Lido deck for a lunch buffet.  You will find food available 24 hours a day.  Room Service, Formal Dining Rooms, Grills by the pool, Buffet.  There is food a\around almost every turn.  There are also specialty restaraunts, which for nominal fees, you can have an intimate, exquisite meal. 
    • Then there is the entertainment.  We never miss a show when we are on a ship.  The multi-million dollar productions are amazing.  Dancing and singing on stage with fabulous costumes and sets.  Other types of entertainment are brought in by these companies, such as comedians, artists, musicians, and the like. 
    • Some companies also bring in well known world leaders, actors, and scientists to lead mentally stimulating conversations.
    • Movies by the pool
    • Casino's to try your hand at lady luck
    • Libraries sporting more than 8,000 books on 2 levels
    • Pools, Hot tubs, climbing walls, and water slides.
    • Dedicated areas for the kids and supervised activites for them daily.
    • Golf Simulator, miniature golf
  • Relaxing time - You choose what you want to do!  Last year we spent 8 days crossing the Atlantic on the Crown Princess.  At first, we were a little apprehensive about what it would be like.  How quickly we found the most amazing seas days, reading a book on our private balcony.  Sitting in the sun by the pool.  Watching Mama Mia by the pool, then being interrupted by the crew alerting us to a mother and baby whale passing us on the port side (Left).  Getting a massage in the most relaxing place on the ship, the Spa. Here you can have a hair cut, facial, spend time in a sauna or steam room...just about anything you want...Acupuncture!!  Though many of these services are extra, the onboard fitness center is complementary.  Sometimes at the bow of the ship, or at the aft, the views are amazing while you work out on a treadmill, eliptical, stationary bicycle, or free weights.  How about a morning start of Yoga?
     I could go on forever about the crusing and how much I love it.  I will acknowledge that cruising is not for everyone.  I have spoken with those who have experienced a sea day or two, and have heard them speak about getting cabin fever.  When it comes to being "Stuck" on a ship for more than a day, you have to make that kind of decision on whether cruising is for you.  But there are itineraries that limit the number of days at sea, like the 7 day Southern Caribbean we went on a year ago.  Only one sea day, and it was the last day.  The rest of the days, we were parked in port before we awoke or before noon.  So even here, there are excellent options.

     There are those who want to spend more time in a particular place.  Here is where crusing excels.  You can take a cruise to scope out a particular destination to see which one you would want to spend more time in.  would you rather spend a week in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, or Cabo San Lucas?  Well, take a mexican Riviera cruise, spend a day in each port.  Then the decision will be much easier.  Of all the ports we visited on the mediterranean last summer, I could spend a couple weeks...or a life time in Florence.  Barbi loved Rome.

     There is a snipit of why we believe cruising is the best.  We have compared 2 weeks in Italy and Greece, with crusing to those destinations, and found that we could save approx 50% by cruising.  Less stress, excellent food, staff that knows the area and helps choose places to see (Shore Excursions), and an inviting hotel room to return to each night.  World Class entertainment.  No worries about food's all included.

     If you want to explore cruising for the first time, or plan another trip, let us know how we can help.  We are here for you.

Alicante Spain - Castille de Santa Barbara

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  1. Marty and Barbi: I read your article about why cruising with great interest.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that cruise vacations are a great value, and I feel I get more bang for my buck. If I go on a land vacation, I have to pay for my meal separately from my entertainment, and shell out more for parking.

    You listed one of the best reasons you enjoy cruising is unpacking once. I've been on vacations where we moved every few days, and while it's exciting to see new places, I dreaded the packing and unpacking part of the trip. So yes, unpacking once is a big draw for me also.

    We went on a 16-day transatlantic cruise aboard the Grand Princess, and like you, were concerned whether we'd be bored. I can state emphatically...NO...we were far from bored. We were entertained, we relaxed, we met new friends, and had the cruise of a lifetime.

    Like you, my husband and I love all the onboard entertainment and actitivies of cruising. We love carousing at night after dinner, going to shows, dance lessons and trivia, to name a few. We always come home after our cruise relaxed, smiling, and with a renewed energy.

    Thanks so much for your insightful post about cruising. It just helps confirm that we're not alone in our love of cruising.