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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Down Under...Better?

     Yesterday, Carnival Cruise Line announced they are moving the Carnival Spirit from San Diego to its new permanent home port of Sydney Australia.  To those who are always watching, this is another signal of the slow demise of cruising from the west coast, specifically, south of San Francisco.

     Those of us who live out west, really appreciate the convenience of driving or flying to a gateway city, like L.A.  It takes less than 2 hours, if you fly, or a day to drive, if you choose to take the whole family and save some money (But not neccesarily sanity).  To fly to the east coast not only takes all day to fly, which is extremely exhausting, but is at least $100 more per person than flying to the Los Angeles basin or San Diego.  I for one am dreaming daily and trying to come up with a novel new idea to take the place of flying.  It is no longer the fun event it used to be.

     But for those who love to cruise, and go often, the west coast has limited opportunities to get away without experiencing it all over again.  Ensenada, Cabo San Luca, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, I suppose, can only be visited so often, before they become old hat.


     What about people who have never cruised?  There are estimates that 70% of americans have never experienced this awesome way to vacation.  Let's see...300,000,000 people in the U.S. (times....carry the 1, subtract 26,000, divide by pie), that is 225,000,000 (Million) people.  WOW!  How many of those live out west?

     Having more than one cruise line also gives great variety to cruising to destinations you have already been to.  We have been to Alaska on Holland America.  I would love to experience those ports, and some others that we did not get to, on another line.  There is always so much more to see than the city right off the pier, or the same old shore excursions.  Some people just want to hang out at the beach. 

     But never fear!  Carnival still has the marvelous Splendor porting out of Long Beach.  Princess is continuing to visit the Riviera.  There are also West coast sailings between Los Angeles and Seattle.  Reaching Hawaii from Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco are expanding (I'll keep saying it...never fear being in the open ocean for 4 days!  It's truely an awesome experience.)  And for those who have a little extra time (about 14 days), there will always be an opportunity to travel from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale or the other way, through the Panama Canal.  There is another once in a lifetime experience.

     Let us know your feelings.  Comment here.  Or comment on our facebook page..Focus On Fun Travel.  If you have the desire to sail from the west coast, we can help.  Just let us know what your desire is.

We are here for you.


  1. The cruise lines will put the ships where the consumers want it. If we want to sail out of California, we have to let the cruise lines know by buying cruises that sail out of California. It saddens me that there are fewer ships, but I am so glad that there are still ships sailing to the Mexican Riviera as well as Hawaii. Now if I just had 14 days... :)
    Marian Krueger

  2. Being in Florida I know how upsetting this is to you West Coasters! I don't know why they don't do West Coast Wine Cruises!! With so many great wine areas up the coast and a foreign port on each end it would be perfect!

  3. I hear ya .... I am a West Coast travel agent too, and if I can figure a way around the Airports I would to. As a matter of fact when I went to Alaska I went to Seattle on Amtrak. That was a great experience to.

    Jack Surber
    Wheelhouse Travel

  4. Thanks for the great info Barbi! I'm looking forward to the Australian cruise from LA!