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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warm is Good

     Looking out the window right now, when it is in the mid 20's (Degrees Fahrenheit), I am dreaming of warmer and sunnier places in the world.  I am remembering one of my favorite places in the Western Caribbean, Roatan, Honduras.  We visited Roatan the first week of Feb 2007, with a bunch of like minded people, aboard the Grand Princess on a Western Caribbean, 7 day cruise, out of Galveston, Tx.  This was our first cruise in several years, and WOW!  Was it awesome.  This cruise is what caught us hook, line, and far as knowing that cruising was the best way to go for us.

     We were the only ship in port that day,  Which, compared to other Caribbean stops, made for a very relaxing day on a really beautiful island.  With a group of other people we met, we went to Capt'n Vans motorcycle shop, on the west end, and rented a scooter for the day.  This mode of transportation to explore a foreign destination is really fabulous.  Easy to move from place to place, and no problem parking.  Barbi and I shared one scooter, which worked out well.  This little machine had no problem taking us up hills at a quick clip.  We stopped at an iguana farm, explored deserted beaches, we were inspired overlooking the ocean from the top of a mountain, and thoroghly enjoyed the wind in our faces.

     One of our last stops, was a very popular beach close to the motorcycle shop, where we met a man from Idaho.  He had visited during a cruise a few years before, and loved it so much, he packed up is family and moved here, bought a hamburger stand; and never looked back.  Along the way, we bought more souvenirs to remember our stay here.

     If you are wanting a warm place to visit, where the people are friendly, and the sites are amazing, check out Roatan, Honduras.  You can get there on any number of cruise lines, on a Western Caribbean itinerary.  Let us know when you would like to go, and we might have to find a reason to join you.

We are here for you.

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