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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone - Fishlake UT

     2011 is here, whether we are ready or not. But I would like to recommend that everyone maintain HOPE for a fantastic and rewarding year.  There are so many thing I look forward to, and I hope they all bring a smile to my face and to those I love.

     In the last few years, our family has made 2 trips to Fishlake, located in Southeastern Utah, high up in the Fishlake National Forest.  Both times, we have taken our 30' travel trailer, as there are many wonderful places to park with full or partial hookups.   If you don't have an RV, there are cabin rentals available there.  If you like to rough it, there are plenty of camping spots for tents as well.  All are very close and convenient to the lake.

     This area is really beautiful, but you have to be ready for all kinds of weather, as you are at nearly 9,000 ft in elevation.  We ventured here on memorial weekend in May, and we got snowed on and nearly froze.  The picture above is when we visited for the first time in July 2007.  Our plans also included a half day pontoon boat rental to go fishing.  And I'll say this, this 6 mile long resevoir, with a depth of 160 feet, did not disappoint us.  All of us enjoyed the heart throbbing excitement of landing one of three different trout species known well for this lake.  Alas, no one landed a 20 lb Mackinaw (Don't keep the ones under 10 lbs. They are just "pups".)

     We took the time, in 2008, to also attend a local church service being held at the lodge on a Sunday morning.  I have said that these kinds of experiences are almost a necessity, to learn the local culture, but this experience will never be forgotten.  The reason, you ask?  During the services, a bat came out and flew above the heads of everyone in this old lodge, circling around for several minutes, before disappearing again.

      There is a stream that flows into the lake, which is protected during certain times of the year because of spawning fish.  You might picture it like a mini salmon run, but with their cousin, the trout.

     Because of the heavily forested area, it is fun to just go hiking amid the pine and aspen trees.  Wandering around the shore of the lake is also fun. You can see Nathan below, laughing and jumping while shrowing a handful of rocks into the water. 
Visting Fishlake has become a family favorite, which I think we should do again this year.  We have gone there with friends and enjoyed a weekend.  Members of have voted this the best place to dive in Utah.  Ted?  You ought to check that out, eh?
     As I said above to be prepared, it is also important to know that this area is open year round.  So if you have never experienced Ice Fishing, this is a premier destination in Utah to do it. If you like to cross country ski, there are miles of excellent trails here.  Snowmobilers?  Bring your machines!

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